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The Elevate I nsurance Solutions

Referral Program

Send someone who may be interested in health insurance our way, and if they enroll...

You get cash.

Referral Program (2).png

$500 Cash Bonus

For the Partner with the most referrals

If you send me 10 people who end up enrolling, you become a qualified
Agency Partner.

The Agency Partner with the most referrals gets a $500 cash bonus, in addition to what they already received along the way!


This is a program for North Carolinians only.



We are looking for...

Anyone that doesn't have coverage through an employer.

Anyone that thinks they are healthy and don't need health insurance.

Anyone that thinks they can't afford health insurance.



Right Now!

With monthly prizes and a $500 reward for the top referrer, you don't want to waste a minute.


Open Enrollment ends January 15th.

How Should I Start?

Spend 5 minutes to go through your contact list and send 10 texts.
Copy and paste the message below:

Hello! Open Enrollment for health insurance is here and I am just checking up on you to be sure you are covered. A new program just made it cheaper than ever so it's worth looking. I got a guy so let me know if you want more information!

If they say yes, send me their contact information.
If they enroll, YOU get paid at least $20 (with HUGE potential bonuses).

You are helping your friends and family get life-changing health insurance... and getting paid for it!

Know someone who works part-time OR in the following industries?

- Restaurant

- Fast Food

- Nannying

- Child-Care

- Home Health-Care

- Retail

- Construction

- Janitorial Services

They are perfect candidates for FREE coverage

Basic Rules

You do NOT have to be enrolled yourself to get any bonuses. In fact, legally you cannot get paid to enroll yourself.

This is a referral bonus NOT an enrollment bonus.

Bonuses will be sent out February 1st. An enrollee must have an active policy for a minimum of one month for it to count. It is a federal crime to forge applications or lie on an application.

Want a Head Start?

Text or call for all the materials and advice you may need to earn yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars before January 15th.
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