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Time is almost up to Renew for 2022

In most years with Marketplace plans, you can let the plan carry over and have similar coverage the following year without taking action...

This year is different.

You can't afford not to act.

In many eastern North Carolina counties, individuals and families are seeing rates go up by $100-600 per month if they don't make changes. After years of rates being consistent, they are skyrocketing this year.

You have options. And we can help.

Stressed Woman

December 15th
is the deadline to renew

Child at the Pediatrician

Do you know your rate for next year?

Letters came out with rates that were not accurate so you might be very surprised.


Most can switch into plans with a similar cost for 2022, but it won't happen automatically. Take 5 minutes to call and see your options to save yourself $100 or more every month.

Take 3 minutes to call now! You truly have nothing to lose and potentially thousands of dollars to gain.

Don't get a bill for $300 in January and regret not taking three minutes out of your day to fix it. Not taking action or making a decision before the 15th is still making a decision...

And it's an expensive one.

Disclaimer: This information is relevant to those in Pitt, Green, Wayne, Wilson and Edgecombe counties. If you are outside these 5 counties, your rates have likely stayed the same. Although we are still happy to review your policy options with you as well, your coverage should be consistent in 2022 without making changes.

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