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Ele Vate
insurance Solutions

Applying for Health Insurance can be complicated.

We make it easy.

Taking North Carolinians from upset and uninsured to empowered and enrolled in 10 minutes.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville NC

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Ready to see your options? 
This 90-second video walks you step-by-step through the quoting process
Watch this video to get a quote and start your 10 minute path to health insurance coverage.

85% of North Carolinians under 65 already have health insurance. We are trying to Elevate that number even further.

Our Vision

To reduce the uninsured rate in North Carolina, ensuring as many hard-working citizens get affordable access to modern health care and medicine as possible

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Our Mission

To create industry-unique tools that cut down information barriers, spread awareness of coverage opportunities, simplify processes and maximize savings for those without employee-sponsored health insurance in

North Carolina

How Can We Help You Today?

Working from Home

Expert Help

Would you like assistance with the application process, maximizing your savings, or just have a question?



Have a question? Would you like access to a library of knowledge on health insurance, the Affordable Care Act, policy costs, coverage benefits and more?

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Do you have all the information that you need and are ready to apply now? 

Click the blue buttons above indicating how we can help you today.

Welcome to

NC's Premier Health Insurance

Information Resource

Everything You Need to Know in One Place


75 Q&A's

We put together a comprehensive list of the most common health insurance questions all in one place.

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Simple Tutorials

From a step-by-step guide to get a quote to information on picking the right plan, we have you covered.

Let Us Help

Have a specific question? Don't waste your time searching for the answer. Ask it directly... right now.

Take TWO minutes to fill out this form, and we will respond with a quote in the next 24 hours.

Get a Quote in 5 Easy Steps

Our Promise
This quoting tool is NOT a subscription to a mailing list. We will NOT contact you outside of sending you quote information.

Client Testimonials

"I just turned 26 and wasn't sure what to do without insurance from my parents. I called Joseph and after a 5-minute phone call, I was enrolled again. Couldn't have been easier.

- John, Greenville

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Know someone else that needs coverage? Send them our way, and if they enroll you earn $20 + bonuses. It's just that simple.

Find out more about the program and how to earn the $500 CASH bonus.

You do NOT have to be enrolled yourself to get the referral bonus. You will NOT get a cash bonus for enrolling yourself.

Expert Help

Have a question? Need a quote? Want to speak to a real person?

We can help.

Click the button for your desired action

Don't Delay, Get a Quote Today!
In 90 seconds, go screen-by-screen through the quoting process with expert guidance. 
Watch this video to get a quote and start your 10 minute path to life-changing health insurance coverage.
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